The NFL 2012 Season Preview

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NFL playersThe most excruciating time of year for an NFL fan are the weeks and months leading up to pre-season.

We pore over every headline, every blurb, every article for the tiniest taste of what is to come. It is not all good news, though.

There are a lot of players that keep us on our toes, emotionally speaking, with their unprofessional and irresponsible offseason behavior.

Some players are just simply hardheaded, and this NFL offseason has been no exception.

Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch and Tennessee Titan Kenny Britt are dealing with DUI arrests.

Dez Bryant, the Dallas Cowboys’ number one wide receiver, is still reeling from domestic violence drama.

Detroit Lion Ndamukong Suh is being sued for $1 million, due to the alleged mishandling of last year’s December car accident he was involved in.

However, nothing can hold a candle to the circus that is the New Orleans Saints “Bountygate” scandal.

At least the Saints finally decided to give Drew Brees a raise, if nothing else.

Say a prayer for New Orleans if you are a person of faith – the absence of Sean Payton for an entire season is sure to have an impact this year.

Mike Wallace - American footballerRestricted free agent Mike Wallace, of the Pittsburgh Steelers, remains unsigned still.

So ludicrous is this that Snoop Dogg appeared on the NFL Network on Thursday, pleading with the Rooney family to sign Wallace –

“Hey, Rooney, man. Get y’all thing together. Pay the man. Look, I know he ain’t proven, you know, three, four years in the game, but we need him, man.”

Truth, Snoop… truth.

There is still plenty to be excited for, despite all of the antics and drama plaguing the headlines recently.

Indianapolis Colt Andrew Luck and Washington Redskin Robert Griffin III (or, RG3 if you prefer) are the premiere rookie quarterbacks that have been handed the keys to their respective empires.

They’ve got Carolina Panther Cam Newton to thank for this – no pressure, guys!

Speaking of the Panthers, Steve Smith announced on Friday that he will be donating $100,000 of his own money to help pay medical expenses for the survivors of the Colorado shooting victims.

“I can’t imagine getting someone severely injured, one, and then, two, trying to figure out how to pay for it”

Smith said after he arrived at training camp.

New England Patriot Rob Gronkowski and Houston Texan Andre Johnson claim they are at 100% health, which is great news for us Fantasy Footballers.

Chicago Bear Matt Forte is all healed up and ready for action, and the $32 million contract he signed will keep him in town four more years.

The recent acquisition of Brandon Marshall bodes well for the Chicago Bears also, considering Jay Cutler’s past experience with Marshall back when they played in Denver together in 2008.

Much like life itself, this offseason has been a roller coaster ride chock-full of ups and downs.

I prefer to look on the bright side – at least we don’t have to worry about a slew of season-ending injuries due to an NFL lockout this year.

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