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Sopcast is one of the most famous and popular p2p streaming TV client on the planet today. Because it is one of the oldest, it has several years of development under its belt making it technically one of the most capable, even capable of streaming (in beta) some channels in high definition if you have a fast enough internet connection.

Another reason the program has been so successful is it allows users to create their own TV channels, so its no surprise that you will find almost any live sporting event available to watch.

Available Channels

A screenshot of SopCast showing live TV.You can use the software to watch several sports channels including 3TV1, ESPN,CCTV5, Guandong, SHTV, StarSports and many more.

As mentioned before, the software lets anyone broadcast test channels so its worth waiting until just before a game starts to see if a test channels pops up. People will normally name their channels things like “Manchester United Vs Liverpool” or “New York Giants Vs Washington Redskins”.

If you have found a test channel address on a forum, you can simply copy and paste it into the address bar at the top of the program and press the blue arrow to start the stream.

Making Your Own Channel

Running your own channel is free and easy to setup, all you need is a TV tuner card in your PC. PC Tuner cards come in 3 types, Satellite TV (DVB-S), Cable TV (DVB-C) and terrestrial TV (DVB-T), and all are able to be re-transmit using the program.

Like other p2p programs reviewed on this site, when you first run the program, you will be asked to choose a language and also whether to allow the program to open ports in your firewall. Always say yes as the open ports allow for a much faster and smoother viewing experience.

The latest version is a great improvement over earlier releases as channels load and buffer much quicker than before. I have a 20mb broadband connection at home and channels only take 5-10 seconds to get going. The channel list is automatically updated each time you load the program.


To get it for PC, just click the download button. For Mac and Android, click the links below.

Download button

Sopcast for MacSopcast for Android

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