PPStream allows you to watch TV over the internet using P2P technology. It has been designed and developed in china. As you might expect, the program list is in Chinese.

Channels play smoothly and at a relatively high bit rate. Video looks good compared to other streaming programs available.

A screenshot of PPStream software showing live F1As the software is in Chinese, you would think it wouldn’t be much use in the west.

Read on as you might be surprised…

When the program loads, it will download and display an updated channel list to the right of the main video section.

The channels are listed in order of popularity. During major sporting events you can be fairly certain that the top few channels will have what you are looking for. You can watch things like American football, soccer, baseball and basketball etc.


Once you do find a good channel, you can bookmark or save the channel address.

I have already found some of the best channels and have listed the addresses below.

ESPN Taiwan – ESPN is the biggest sports channel in the world. Broadcast includes football (soccer), F1, NBA, MLB, NFL football.

Guangdong Sports Channel – This channel shows major sports like NFL, European football (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A), NBA, MLB to name but a few.

Shanghai Sports Channel – Volleyball, Badminton, Boxing, Formula 1 motor racing plus international football etc.

StarSport Channel – This channel one of the largest sports provider in Asia. It shows things like golf, tennis, European football from both the English Primer League and Spain’s La Liga.

CCTV-5 – China Central Television channel 5. Snooker, badminton, motor racing and much more.


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