Click to enlargePPLive is another great program developed in China. Its used by people from all over the world to watch TV on the internet.

The software uses peer to peer (p2p) technology to stream channels. Its similar to downloading torrents. Anyone watching the stream also contributes some of their upload bandwidth so the next person can watch, and so on – file sharing but with videos.

When you first load the program, Windows will ask if you want to allow the program to open some port in your firewall. Always say yes as opening the ports means you can get the smoothest video streams.

The software will then automatically update its channel list displays on the right of the program. The channels are sorted into different  categories like sports, entertainment, movies etc. If the program is in Chinese, you have probably download the latest version (which has no English option). You will need to download the older version below (linked below). Make sure you don’t allow PPLive to update itself or you’ll lose the English option again!

One of the best feature of the program is it lets you preview channels. Do this by hovering your mouse pointer over any channel and a thumbnail of whats on will pop up. This is great if you can’t read Chinese, as it saves you from having to wait for a channel to buffer just to see what’s on.


The software has several channels to choose from that lets you watch football, American football, basketball, baseball, F1, tennis etc.


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