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Here at Gigstreams, we try to help you find alternative ways to watch sports online that are usually free or substantially cheaper than the cable equivalent.

There Are 3 Main Ways To Watch Sport Online

  1. Use the free software available trough this site which have the added benefit of no annoying ads and tend to be more reliable with less take downs.
  2. Pay for a subscription to the official provider like NFL Game Pass or (not available in the US).
  3. You can watch one of the live feeds on one of the “gray area” streaming sites that are bombarded with ads and are constantly going down or taken offline (See our schedule page).

Watch Live SportsThere are several different programs available to you that will allow you to watch sports like American football, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey and tennis.

You will need to install the relevant software client (program) on your computer before any streams will work.

Sopcast is the program I tend to use most (download it here). There are always lots of “test channels” that appear just before a game and you can usually find the channel you are looking for.

If not, its a case of working through the other programs until you find the stream you are looking for.

I have listed all the main programs below. Click on one and you will see I have explained the pro and cons of each program and what channels to expect to see.

Most of these programs use a technology called p2p to transmit content. If your computer asks you to allow the programs to open ports in your firewall, always say yes. If you don’t, you will experience choppy playback – if at all.

It is also worth noting that you are better connecting to a stream 10 minutes before a game starts, as buffering can take some time.

If your computer is on a home or office network, you will also need to open the relevant ports in your routers firewall too (see links at the bottom of this page).

Streaming Clients



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